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Sew what's new?

Posted on March 2, 2017 at 11:06 PM
Sew What's New?
March, 2017

A day late on my second newsletter!!!  I was going to throw Mike 'under the bus' and say he didn't get the computer set up for me....but I'm too nice.  Though not related to sewing, I spent last evening attending a bee keepers meeting.  I'm not looking at donning a suit and netting and go capture a swarm, but we would like to create an area that attracts the bees and bats (learned that last night!) to help pollinate our garden and wherever else they may roam....possibly find someone that would like to put some hives out here.
Okay,sewing summary.  Spring is almost here....which means the start of the shows and fairs and the reason I'm starting to wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I should be sewing rather than just sleeping!
I'm pleased to say that I have been having relatively good success putting in zippers.  I think I avoid them more out of fear of the unfamiliar....I can put them in, but it doesn't come easily.
Another success was making a hooded vest to be worn during pregnancy and then can be changed into a vest/child carrier.  I love a pattern that can morph into several outfits throughout pregnancy and beyond.  I applaud Simplicity for offering this pattern, vs. 3 separate patterns.
Not as successful...making some cosmetic and toiletry bags.  If my goal was creating an origami frog, then I mastered that skill! I've not given up on them,
simply have set them aside while I've whipped out some insulated lunch bags.
If I had the technology skills, I'd have included a selfie I took one cold day up in the She Shed.  We have put insulation up on the walls but the ceiling is still open.  It has been quite nippy at times. It can create a sewing challenge when you're wearing a coat, vest, hood and mittens! The one day was glorious when I was able to open the door and let the fresh air in when it hit 45 degrees.  Okay, not exactly tropical but if you live in Oregon you recognize that as shirt sleeve weather!
The next few weeks I put the Haunter's Convention production on hold and work  at getting sun hats and all things 'Spring' made.  Three weeks until the first Craft Fair.  Sleep?  Sew?  Sleep?  Sew?  Sigh.  
Have a great month....go create something!
Mary Robina
She Shed Creations

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