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Sew What's New? 2017

Posted on December 31, 2017 at 11:15 PM
Happy New Year's Eve!  
Whew!  What a busy year 2017 turned out to be.  So much for writing an update each month.  Although I'd love to say I will follow through monthly next year, I am realistically just going to say I vow to do better.  "Better" is my word for the year.  Better is always reachable.  Better doesn't require huge, seemingly  unreachable goals, it simply means you are continually making progress  
It was a great year, attending 16 different fairs and shows around Oregon.  I love getting to spend time with like minded artisans and meeting old and new friends. The days can be long, but fulfilling.  Thanks to all of you that have purchased or received one of my hats or bags.  You are my best advertisement!  I appreciate the feedback and suggestions, it helps me be "better".
I've spent the afternoon folding, organizing and rearranging the She Shed.  Tomorrow will be dedicated to the same.  February through December are production there is just a small window to bring order to the space.  But my hands are itching to be back at the machine sewing!  
Happy New Year to you and yours!  Thank you for support of my addiction ~ first fair is in March.....unless I find one sooner.  Here's to a great and creative 2018!

Categories: She Shed By MRobina, Wicker Works